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How is the profit rate calculated?
How is the profit rate calculated?
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The profit rate is calculated according to the following formula:

Profit Rate = ((Current Balance + Withdrawal) - (Starting balance + Deposit)) * 100 / (Starting balance + Deposit)

The profit percentage calculated by League of Traders differs from others because it is based on the total sum of investments.

  • Profits will be calculated following the API key connection. Profits made before using League of Traders will not be incorporated into the calculations.

  • League of Traders calculates profits based on the total sum of deposits. If you make a deposit or withdrawal after you start investing, it may affect your profit calculation.


{(Current balance + withdrawals) - (initial funding + deposits)} ÷ (initial funding + deposits) x 100

- League of Traders profit calculations do not take trading fees, slippage, etc, into account.


The corrected rate of return is the rate of return calculated by taking into account the net deposit amount.

[Calibration yield calculation formula]

Average of term return ÷ investment capital

Investment capital: (Deposit-Deposit) + Initial assets

This is the z-score standardization of the proceeds. The corrected returns graph shows the approximate trend of your revenue.

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