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What is League of Traders?
What is League of Traders?
Updated over a week ago

League of Traders is a social-trading app that gamifies the crypto trading experience.

We want trading to be fun and lucrative. We also house the largest community of competitive crypto traders, with over 10 supported exchanges.

One of our app’s coolest assets is our Leaderboard, where you can see which users have made the biggest earnings and most importantly, how they made those earnings. We promote an open and transparent community so our users can learn about investing and trading from each other while also socializing and having fun. That’s what makes us League of Traders!

We strive to make trading accessible to those who may not have natural-born trading talents, but who recognize the value of the crypto world. That is why we introduced a copy-trading function that can have you trading like an expert in no time. After all, multi-player is always a little more exciting than single-player!

We also love to reward our users with monetary prizes when they’re killing the game with their trades, like through our monthly League. Have we convinced you to join us yet?

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