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I don't see my ranking on the leaderboard
I don't see my ranking on the leaderboard
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Q. I don't see my ranking on the main leaderboard!

The main leaderboard ranking is automatically entered when you register for the API and hold 1000 USD or more assets.

If you withdraw or delete the API and your assets don't meet the requirements, you won't be able to see the ranking. If you deposit again and meet the requirements, you will be able to see the ranking again.

Q. I have 1000 USD in assets, but I can't see my ranking on the main leaderboard!

The TOP10 of the main leaderboard is only available to users with a starting balance of 1000 USD or more.

Starting Equity = Initial Funding + Deposit Amount

This is to prevent the main leaderboard from showing very high returns when users realize profits with a starting equity of 1000 USD or less and reach an equity of 1000 USD or more.

Q. I don't see my ranking in the Big Hands Ranking!

The Big Hands Ranking is only visible to users who have publicly disclosed their assets, and is not visible to users whose portfolios are private.

The Biggest Loser Ranking is only available on Android and the website.

Q. I'm using the Bybit exchange and can't see the rankings!

If you are using Bybit Exchange, you will need to enter all read permissions and your IP when creating the API to be added to the rankings (except for sub-accounts, where the option is unavailable).

If you've upgraded to a Bybit UTA account, you'll need to create a new standard sub account and register an API to be able to participate in the league normally.

Q. My ranking has disappeared from the leaderboard!

If you delete the API key you were using for a competition you are participating in, you will not be able to rejoin that competition (except for the main leaderboard ranking).

Q. I hit the 'Join' button, but I don't see my ranking!

League rankings and returns can take a while to update, so we appreciate your patience.

If you don't see your ranking on the rankings page after more than 5 minutes, please contact us via 1:1 support or [email protected].

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