Bybit PRO IP Registration Guide

Connecting your Bybit API key to League of Traders PRO

Updated over a week ago
  1. Log in to your Bybit account and select "API" from your account menu.

  2. On your API page, select "Bulk edit IP addresses".

  3. Click the "Edit" button for the API key that you wish to register with League of Traders PRO.

  4. Paste your new PRO IPs in the "Add IP addresses" text box, complete the Google authentication, and click "Submit".

    • Your PRO IPs can be found through your League of Trader account’s "PRO Page" or "API Page".

Your PRO IP is now registered, welcome to League of Traders PRO!

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or use our in-app support chat.

Thank you!

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