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How do I start Copy Trading?
How do I start Copy Trading?
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There are 2 ways to start Copy Trading, but first, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Your API key must have the “Write” permission enabled.

  2. The user must have the Copy feature enabled.

  3. You must be connected to the same exchange as the user you will Copy.

  4. Your account must hold the minimum balance set by the user.

Option 1)

  1. Find a Trader you want to copy.

  2. Click the “Copy” button on their profile to begin Copy Trading.

Option 2)

  1. Head to the Services tab and click “See All Copy Leaders”.

  2. You will then be brought to the Copy Leader ranking, where you can see the top traders who have enabled Copy Trading. Here, you can also choose to view Leaders who use a specific exchange.

  3. When you click on a user, you will see pertinent information about their trading style and assets. If you believe they are a good match, click “Copy”.

  4. You will then be asked to choose your settings and select which exchange account you’d like to use. Once that’s done, click “Start” and you’ll begin Copy Trading!

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