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Copy Trading exchange specific rules
Copy Trading exchange specific rules
Updated over a week ago


  • We only support USD(M) Futures on this platform. Before you begin, make sure to deposit USDT, BUSD or USDC in USDM Futures.

  • Copy Trading runs on cross-leverage multi-assets mode, which allows you to copy the Leader 1 to 1 on every market supported by USD(S)M Futures.


  • We support all markets on BitMEX, but we do not convert the underlying token for you (ex. we don’t sell USDT to buy XBT for you).

  • If you have XBT only and the Leader trades XBT and USDT, we’ll only copy XBT markets, the same goes for USDT and ETH markets. The user can manually convert if they want to copy those markets.


  • We only support the KRW market on this platform.

  • If your Leader buys any coins from the BTC market, your Copy Trading will attempt to buy through the KRW market. If the coin is not available in the KRW market, the trade will be ignored.

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